I know the urban Indian audience is not a fan of Ram and Ramayana & Sita is seen as a victim of gender oppression who loves a man and gets rejected and tested by him on the word of a peasant but this book will changed at least my view point.

It shows Sita in some other light e.g. a quote from the book is “He is God, he can abandon no one and I am Goddess, I cannot be abandoned by anyone” .

Here sita is not dependent on anyone for her living, she can manage own her own raise her kids and is not your average damsel in distress, it shows her intelligence, capabilities and protest in silence.

And I found many answers to the questions I had in my mind since I heard the stories from my elders and saw many versions of this saga on television as a child.

And like other Pattnaik’s books we also find reasons behind many Indian rituals through the short stories in between. They are like connecting dots to this huge constellation & re-telling and narratives of the Ramayana from different regions across India and outside India are at the end of each chapter which gives it extra brownie points, Plus the art is also very good and is by the man himself.

I think it is a very good book if you are in to Indian mythology and to read with your puja-path vali mommies and grannies, I actually read it with my mother and sissy .

 If you read the whole post here is a cookie for you 🍪🤗

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