To wind this year up i have chosen my favourite topic to talk about : Harry Potter, I’m a potter head since i was a child and saw my first potter movie in 2001-2002 I guess ,and I was blown away ,I couldn’t contain my excitement.  Later I started reading the books when i was told by some older friend that they are even better than the movies, and I started reading the books.

Our English literature teacher in school use to say that J.K. Rowling has done a wonderful thing she has made all the children “readers”, which I totally agree .Books can be such a wonderful thing I realised after harry potter and there was no going back from there.

Since then I discovered many great books but potter remained my first love and I come back to it again and again. But now I realise that it had much more than just a kid with magical powers.

As a child it gave me an escape and a sense of belonging but now as a pseudo-adult I realise it taught me many important things like

  1. How important it is to be a good person and think about others
  2. To study hard it pays you in ways you can never imagine
  3. That girls are no less
  4. To be there for your friends and family
  5. To  love and to loose

Look at me rambling on internet on a book blog about a children’s book but if I haven’t read harry potter that day, I may have not been such a book nerd today and I think I owe a lot of bad nights gone good after a few pages or a few scenes. So to wrap this year up I just want to give a little dedication to my first love ���,

Published by drficticity

A twenty something girl who loves to read and talk about books & Stories and ideas

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