Turtles all the way down

Firstly for me no one puts down the feeling of actually dealing with anxiety and other mental & physical illness like John green

Secondly man how do you know and understand how women thinks ?its awesome

Ok now review

This book takes a little time to catch up but once it catches the pace it’s very tantalising

most of the time, we are inside Aza’s head, listening to swift and unsteady thoughts of this young girl dealing with OCD & severe mysophobia. The rational part of her,sees a therapist and fitfully takes medication, tries to talk herself down. But her mind is mostly in chaos

Unlike greens other girls she is more vulnerable but still have that quirky humor,

The other characters are Mychal Turner, an aspiring artist, and her best friend Daisy Ramirez, who writes Star Wars fan-fiction with whom she shares most things and had a brief drift.

The other character I really liked is the billionaire’s son Davis with whom Aza begin a relationship. There are other characters too but it’s a short review so….

This book has some really great relatable Quotes(too relatable to be honest) and that’s what I love about John green ,he just gets how the Mind of young adults works in situations and then throws them in to it and take us to their thoughts.

I did not cry in this like in the fault in her stars but I could feel my own anxiety towering during the read.

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