Becoming by Michelle Obama

People who are such huge role models when write or talk about their normal life struggle ,it gives normal people like us faith,That we would be able to do something meaningful with our lives

Not something so magnificent but may be a little of what we have dreamt about ourselves and the world around us.

Even Michelle once thought ‘am I good enough?’

The book is in three parts becoming me,becoming us and becoming more.

Becoming me is more about her childhood her parents home and family,

Becoming us covers How she and Barack Obama met,and I loved it all especially the early part of becoming us where she is unsure about her career choices and where she is going to land,the loss of her friend and later her father,Her being two ways about wanting to be a career woman and a homemaker and to balance them ultimately,is the story of many other women,next is her story of motherhood.

The later part of becoming more,covers how she learned the machinations of politics and the power up closely ,We get to know closely how the election campaign works, how fame brings you under magnifying glass

The amount of work how she did side by side for the people and the causes she believed and her being with Barack through it all the time inspite of her strong distaste for politics.

i always knew her as the role model but now after this book I know her as a soft hearted mother,a wife who went through with her husband through it all inspite of her distaste for politics and above all a good human

To sum up the amount of work Obamas have done in a 400 something page book must have been a task so the book is kind of in a fast pace and

being the hopeless romantic I am I could not help but admire the love and mutual respect between Michelle and Obama inspite of so much differences in their upbringing and thought process .

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