Mafia queens of Mumbai

**NON-FICTION FEELS FICTITIOUS ** Call me a creep or blame it on me being a medical student but I love these true crime books and thinking about what must have been on this persons mind or what circumstances made them do this?

This book in the picture has 13 stories about the ladies of Gangland & big names like Dawood Ibrahim, Chhota Rajan, Ravi Poojary are in the secondary roles.

This book has the style of journalistic writing,pieced together from official documents,case reports and anecdotes from the subject’s family and acquaintances.

I picked up this book on a lazy afternoon at my cousin’s place but was unable to part from it till I finished it. So that’s something

Bibliographic information

Title-Mafia Queens of Mumbai

Authors- S Hussain Zaidi, Jane Borges

Publishers-Tranquebar Press

Length -290 pages

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