The Casual Vacancy

The Casual Vacancy – Little things snowball effect

Author- J. K. Rowling

Publishers-Little, Brown Book Group


Genre- (according to the author herself) – it’s more of a comic tragedy”, It’s was Rowling’s first novel for adult readership,Major themes in the novel are mostly dark including class, politics, and social issues such as drugs, prostitution and rape,pornography, domestic abuse, child abuse, self-harm and suicide.

I have read jk Rowling since I was a child but this is her new side,this time she got us in real world ,unintentional cruelty of humans is omnipresent & it does not have to be dramatic. There is no grand magical battle between good an evil, or any significant confrontations, or any remotely heroic feats – no, it is about how small little seemingly insignificant things can combine into a depressing picture of everyday tragedy.

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