the clothing of book by Jhumpa Lahiri

Have you ever bought a book knowing nothing about it because it has an awesome cover? I did

This book or novella I should call it,tells quite a personal story of Jhumpa Lahiri as an author from her fascination for Indian school uniforms as a kid to the process which goes in making of a book cover,It’s actually an altered version of a lecture Lahiri gave at a literary festival,

Jhumpa Lahiri’s opinion on book covers is summarized nicely in this passage:

‘The right cover is like a beautiful coat, elegant and warm, wrapping my words as they travel through the world, on their way to keep an appointment with my readers.

The wrong cover is cumbersome, suffocating. Or it is like a too-light sweater: inadequate.

A good cover is flattering. I feel myself listened to, understood.

A bad cover is like an enemy; I find it hateful.’

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