The new dewtas by Suraj kothiyal

This book is a mythological fiction, inspired by Maharishi markandeya,a Hindu saint who came to Bali and introduced Hinduism there and Erlangga,the king who won back his kingdom (once ruled by his uncle) and went on to become one of Java’s most notable kings(I did not know that, I googled a few characters and ended up knowing some history/mythology too)

The writing style of this book is very simple and kept me interested throughout.

No spoiler Story:Neer,the main protagonist,resides in Himalayas and has a magical powerful stone,he is quite distressed by visions about Bali islands and evil forces trying to overtake the place, so he start his voyage to Bali and meets the captain,prince of Bali -Erlangga and his commander Kebo Chiwa,

Meanwhile Bali on one side is being cursed by the evil power of queen Rangda and the other side, the king of Java was also planning to attack Bali, to conquer the throne.

(Why java want to conquer a already drowning kingdom? Read the book for the answers, no spoilers here)

The entire story goes around how Neer and the prince try to save the kingdom.

#What I liked?

•there are no extra unnecessary characters in the story

•The story is mostly adventurous but still manage to touch you with emotions of loyalty and friendship

•the physical descriptions of both people and places are very smooth

•the illustrations are good

This book is a new touch on mythology in terms of narration,it is in form of conversations between the characters & their interactions and not just dictation of events and that makes it more lively.

If you like mythology, I would

recommend this

Thank you @ for the review copy.

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