The immortal life of Henrietta lacks

You all have must heard about the Hela cells at some point in your science class,this is story of the woman behind the hela cells

Her name was Henrietta Lacks.She was a poor black tobacco farmer whose cells taken without her knowledge in 1951,the cells later became one of the most important tools in medicine, vital for developing the polio vaccine, cloning, gene mapping, in vitro fertilization, and more. Henrietta’s cells have been bought and sold by the billions, yet she remains virtually unknown, and her family can’t afford even health insurance.

This book deals with the issue of class and race in medical research and the society in general which is still there,

Author has done a wonderful job of explaining why Henrietta’s cells were mad still are so important, why she went unrecognized for decades, the pain it’s caused her family, The author Rebecca Skloot tries to rediscover her as a wife,a mother, a friend and most importantly a human.Skloot has done extensive research on her and worked with Lacks’ family to create the book after she became interested in Lacks after a biology teacher referenced her and the book includes those accounts with the lacks family ,how Henrietta was diagnosed,her dealing with the disease and death and the aftermaths her research shows in the book.

The main lesson I took from this book being a medical professional is the way new medical discoveries have grown in last few decades is immense but it also have a dark side of legal and ethical issues regarding tissue collection, research, patents and money.

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