Girl on the train

Yes I have read this book in 2019, for starters I’m not a fan of this genre ,secondly earlier when I tried to read this book I didn’t liked the start,but now I have completed it I get the hype.

The book is narrated by three women Rachel-an alcoholic,Megan-the missing girl and Anna-Rachel’s ex husbands new wife

All people are equally unreliable and unlikable though I really felt bad for Rachel by the end

Anna basically travels the same route via train everyday and the train stops at a place where she can see her old house where now her ex husband lives with her new wife (Anna)and they have a child,

Rachel drinks heavily throughout to down her pain and have constant blackouts

She meanwhile also watches a couple who lives near her old house and build a story around them mentally,name them and everything but one day the girl (from the couple) disappears and now Rachel has started questioning her own involvement in all the things and discover quite a few things about herself

This turned out to be quite a page turner for me but was not overwhelming

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