Palace of illusions

Loved this book, this is sort of a biography of drapadi or story of Mahabharata from Draupadi’s viewpoint

She starts of as special girl,who has prophecies around her that she will change the course of history.

Growing up she is pretty average or even below it,not very good nor interested in the traditional arts girls need to learn but rather keen towards political sciences,

Growing up we also see her insecurities about her looks and we watch her wondering about how her future husband would be like but again she is very determined to make a dent in history.

Next is the part we all know how she get married to five pandavas and a strange arrangement by Rishi Vyas shows the obsession with virginity goes a lot back that we think ,

As written in the book your childhood hunger never leaves you,she and her five husbands are also not spared, They keep on fighting for the kingdom for which they are born to rule and undergo many many hardships during all this.

She loves her five husbands dearly and stood by them in every thick and thin.

That’s something we all know from watching Mahabharata on tv or listening to their stories from our grannies but this book makes the characters more humane and present them in shades rather than just black and white.

For e.g. Draupadi, she stood with husbands throughout and loves them dearly but at times she took their love and use it as balm to soothe her ego,Even queens of queens doubt herself and have thoughts about a man other than her five husbands and gets so jealous that songs are made about it but she ultimately grows out of it and like everyone else in this world die alone.

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