Time crawlers


The author have an excellent idea,the whole world he has created its just awesome,

And its not just one world or one theme there are six so strong and enticing themes,i loved the whole idea,infact i personally love sifi and i believe in parallel universes,so all this is just amazing.


The author created some really interesting situations too and all six are different from each other which is really very commendable

And again there are six different ones


The whole concept of science meets Mahabharat is awesome,the war ,the weapons the characters everything is good


I loved the whole idea of darkweb interview,alot of people don’t even know about dark net and the things go on there in this time and they are addressed it in such a fictitious way


The start was bit cliche to be honest but it picked up quicky, especially strong with the smart and witty lady genie it was the the moth humourous one


This was my personal favourite,i watch a lot of conspiracy theories and this is one of the very interesting one,and the whole scene of asylum is so enticing,the end of this leaves the reader on a thought ehich is amazing


This is the best writing chapter according to me the dark setting with a twisted tale,its very engaging with probability to be a great sci-fi story in it.


Probably the best story from the book. The unusual setting, the thrill, the pressure building, the grand descriptions and the happy ending,i loved it.


Stories usually are of two types

• Plot driven

• Character driven

This is the part which is lacking here the author have created such wonder dystopian universes but each one of them deserve much more detailing,may be due to the lenght of the book everything seems to be too quick .The characters also lack the depth they deserve.

Overall it’s a good idea which passes too quickly

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