Never speak by John Manchester

Never speak by john Manchester @johnkmanchester
Publication date: 29 Jan,2019
Publisher: @tckpublishing
Publishing Language: English
Rating 4.5/5
What i liked ? Smoothly switching perspective
Overall view : impressedI have never been part of cult nor i have met someone who have been a part of it,but i have read about them and seen documentaries and stuff and this book made me wonder more about the long-lasting, damaging psychological effects of cult memberships.
Summary : Ray is a struggling artist living in his ex-girlfriend’s home that also work as his studio to sell his art. After hearing news about his ex-wife’s death, he turns to google for more information and falls into the rabbit hole of information,layer by layer he discovers an article about another artist named Karl, who seemed to be someone who vanished into thin air and people have various theories about what happened to Karl.But Ray definitely know something about the whole thing and probably one of the only people willing to talk about it. With the help of Ray’s friend, Bodine, Ray gets in touch with an editor. The editor is eager to publish a book by Ray and his first-hand experiences with Karl after Karl’s disappearance from the music industry, but what about Karl’s strict instructions all those years ago to “NEVER SPEAK”?

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