Mehboob Murderer by Nupur Anand

Mehboob murder
A very well written thriller from a debutante
The author has used all the complexities of human emotions so well, the characters
are well written and the details, their physicality their pain everything is dealt
beautifully. Also one more thing i liked is that the character details are revealed
gradually to keep the reader hooked on, Nupur has also used the locations of Mumbai
so well,Mumbai is not a city or location here, it’s like one of the important characters
and that add such a beautiful layer to an amazing story.
• What I liked? I absolutely loved Nupur’s story telling skills.
• Would I recommend it and to whom?
Yes I would definitely recommend this to all the thril ler lovers
• Summary:
On a rainy September night, six people are gunned down mercilessly in an old Parsi
cafe, café Mehboob in Mumbai.
The mass murder create a public and media frenzy around it, and the murderer is
nicknamed Mehboob Murderer
The headstrong Inspector Intekhaab Abbas is determined to get to the bottom of the
murders. He is part of the core police team, which is formed to investigate the case in
a fixed time frame. As they try to know the lives of the victims more, they stumbles
upon a heady cocktail of love,greed,sadism, lust, jealousy, betrayal, rage, longing,
As we get to know the victims more and more,the suspects also start coming up in the
picture but the story ends at a very unexpected turn,which I didn’t see coming at all
and honestly I’m not complaining (but I just feel that the actual Murderer should have
been convicted)

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