Men and dreams in the dhauladhar

Men and dreams in dauladhar

**What I liked?**

1.The detailed description of Kalaripayattu and its tradition.
2. Characters with a detailed history –
author introduced them so well to readers by giving several insights and background stories in the initial stage.

Cultural Diversity – The author covers the traditions of people from Kerala to Kashmir,the mountains life style,the detailing, the authors research just stand out all over the book.

What I didn’t like – the plot is something I didn’t enjoyed much, to be honest I’m not a fan of character driven books but specifically Rekha,who has such as clear vision about herself just sleeps with her kidnapper, this is not Stockholm syndrome. For that the you need to have alot more interaction with the kidnapper,also there are too much technical details about dams that I didn’t get,may be someone who likes technical details would appreciate it.

**I know it becomes difficult to critique a book which the author has spent precious time, effort and money in bringing it out. However, I also believe a healthy and balanced criticism would only help him in his future endeavours. Would like to congratulate Mr.K. Shibu and wish him the best for the future**

Would I recommend it and to whom?
Yes I would
if you like characters driven books like ministry of utmost happiness and hundred years of solitude,you would definitely like this book


The plot is set in the backdrop of Mighty Dhauladhar range of Himalayas where a construction of dam is under process.
The book amalgamates around three characters and how their destinies collide.

Nanda, the engineer on the dam,comes from Kerala after a series of events, basically he has evaded law and is now on the run.

Khusru, a Kashmiri boy who tripped into the hands of terrorist,is now one of them and trying to blow up the dam

Rekha, a doctor by profession and Kathak dancer at heart is treading on her own set of journey.
With afresh story line, simple narrative and new characters the book start to intrigue you in the first couple of pages.

The heart of the book is in right place, and overall it’s a beautiful character driven novel 3.5⭐ /5⭐

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2 thoughts on “Men and dreams in the dhauladhar

  1. I read this one long back and to be honest I didn’t like it that much! One good thing about the book is the characters are painful well developed. It’s a nice one-time read though!
    You have nicely summed up!

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