Circus folks and village freaks

Some truths are too raw to be faced bare,
Except by bards, who truly do care.
But those stories of love, unseen, unwritten,
Are no less vital though they be forbidden.”
– Circus Folk & Village Freaks.
Blurb – This book contains 18 tales about people who are in a way “not-normal”, some have apparent physical anomaly some are different in their inclinations and due to this they are deprived of normal life in some form or the other,some end up very happy some not much,some anomalies like dwrafism are more believable some like the crocodile man were more fictious.All the stories are set in the village background and are set in times and locations of raised social stigmas and all together it gives the book a very rustic feel.
Writing style – It is one of the most unique book in terms of writing style. To maintain the rhythmic quality of the verses while not compromising with the storytelling ability and feel of the characters is really commendable.
The Look – I know don’t judge a book by it’s cover but this book is beautiful both inside and out.The hard cover is just so beautiful.
My opinion – I really liked this book as it made me think about how much physical appearance or things like that can affect lives,and for me any book which makes me think is amazing,I read to find new perspective and new ideas and this book is a total .
Rating – 4.5⭐/5 for me.

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