Mental health awareness month reading

I’m a avid speaker on the topic of mental health and when I heard of this #mentalhealthawarenessmonth, I just picked the two books I have already been meaning to read and one I bought for the month

1. Schizophrenia by Divakar Choudhury

Published by penguin

This book is such a good account of first hand experience with a mental illness,but I hardly see it any where,no reviews on Amazon, Goodreads anywhere,my sister picked it randomly at a library cafe and got so intrigued that we got it .

Mental health is often ignored by people of all classes,
This book is a story of a man,a well known teacher,son of a well known lawyer who killed his wife and kids in a rage,got capital punishment which was later converted into life imprisonment due to his mental condition of schizophrenia

Of course killing people even incase of insanity is not acceptable but ‘what if this man got treated and diagnosed on time?’

During the case the family drowned in debts,and mental pressure,
Written by his brother we see closely how Divakar Choudhury falls in to mental illness and his treatment phase .

**According to the World Health Organisation, one in every 100 persons suffers from schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a mental disorder characterised by abnormalities in the perception or expression of reality. In other words, a person loses the ability to think, feel or behave in a normal way. Patients suffer from hallucinations and delusions – they hear voices and see strangers around them. It starts in the most productive period of life 15-45 years**

2. Turtles all the way down by John green

Firstly for me no one puts down the feeling of actually dealing with anxiety and other mental & physical illness like John green

Secondly man how do you know and understand how women thinks ?its awesome

This book takes a little time to catch up but once it catches the pace it’s very tantalising

Most of the time, we are inside the protagonist Aza’s head, listening to swift and unsteady thoughts of this young girl dealing with OCD & severe mysophobia. The rational part of her,sees a therapist and fitfully takes medication, tries to talk herself down. But her mind is mostly in chaos
Unlike greens other girls she is more vulnerable but still have that quirky humor,
The other characters are Mychal Turner, an aspiring artist, and her best friend Daisy Ramirez, who writes Star Wars fan-fiction with whom she shares most things and had a brief drift.
The other character I really liked is the billionaire’s son Davis with whom Aza begin a relationship.

This book has some really great relatable Quotes(too relatable to be honest) and that’s what I love about John green ,he just gets how the Mind of young adults works in situations and then throws them in to it and take us to their thoughts.

I did not cry in this like in the fault in her stars but I could feel my own anxiety towering during the read.

3. The gene by Siddhartha Mukherjee

“The point is this: if you cannot separate the phenotype of mental illness from creative impulses, then you cannot separate the genotype of mental illness and creative impulse”

A beautiful written history of mental health problems and their solutions from past to present, also many buzz worthy topics are covered like gender and sexual identity, genetic screening to make a few

Mukherjee walks us through many exceptional people who did their work in the field to genetics and also stories of many ‘faux- scientists’

Also we see the ill treatment of people with mental illnesses in the past, that includes one of his own family members from father’s side as well .
Aristotle, Darwin and Mendel to eugenics in Nazi camps to modern embryonic stem cells development,he tried to cover it’s all

All this makes this book abit tedious to some people but it’s so informative and we’ll written and because I love genetics so much

All the three books in this selection deals with different types of mental illness with different outlooks first one the schizophrenia is an account of a family memeber and therefore is more emotional,and more touchy more gritty

Second one is a fictional account,the more entertaining YA novel but it definitely get the feelings of how it feels

And the third book is definitely the one with more scientific evidence and a more academic and scientific approach and will give you a proper understanding of the historical background and social stigmas around the mental health through ages.

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