Raga Janki

Title- Requiem in Raga Janki
Author- Neelum Saran Gaur
Publisher- Penguin Random House
Pages- 370
Rating – 4⭐/5

Set in the city of Allahabad,during early twentieth century.
There British rule across India, but Avadhi culture is thriving.
In this city where singers, musicians and poets assemble, a star emerges.Janki Bai Ilahabadi also popularly known as ‘Chhappan Chhuri’ ( due to fifty-six knives-attacked in her youth, that she survives miraculously)
Brought up in a nautch house,after the family is abandoned by the father,just after the 56 knives thing, ultimately she rises to become the queen of Allahabad, her voice taking her from penury to palaces and royal durbars.

And the best thing it is based on the real-life story of Hindustani singer Janki Bai Ilahabadi (1880-1934), Writing is so elaborate with beautiful visual and other sensory elements,that you feel what the characters are feeing & smell what they are smelling. But also this is one of those book when you realise that even after 100 pages story has moved forward very less because everything is so elaborate and detailed, if you have loved the God of small things,surely you’ll enjoy this,

Requiem in Raga Janki is the beautifully rendered tale of one of India’s unknown gems. Moving from Hindustani classical music’s earliest times to the age of the gramophone, from Tansen’s mysticism to Hassu Khan’s stringent opposition of recordings, this is a novel that brings to life a golden era of music through the eyes of a gifted performer.

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