23:59:59 by Sadashiv Pradhan

“We choose career paths after graduation that excites us, not the most profitable ones. MBA education is an experience for us,not the money minting machine. Your system kills the ‘experience’ part and the worst part is you are willingly becoming the victim of it.”

This line on Page 202 explain the condition of the characters, as well as many of us, college life is a whole new world in itself and this book takes you inside of a management college

📎Blurb and characters –

Although they joined MBA for different reasons,while in College these four youngsters end up forming a team called as 23:59:59 and the story revolves around the struggle of these characters,filled with all the emotions we all go through during our College life,the pressure to become something, live your dreams, to look out for your family and love

📎For me this was Jay’s story,the goodboy, who is also an amazing blogger and not so sure why is he here in MBA but struggling alot to get through it

Abhimanyu is the cool guy,He is that friend who manage to do everything and he is clearly in MBA for money

Ishaan is here for his dream, he is the strong head guy who can get very rude at times

Shalini is the fat friend, it was refreshing to see her as a friend and not just the love interest but rest of her seemed very mediocre to me

📎What I loved ?
The theme of the book,the ups and downs of college life both in terms of academics and personal life.

📎What I didn’t like?
Not being a grammar Nazi but this book could do with a good proof-read and editing.

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