All the bright places

Title – All the Bright Places
Author – Jennifer niven
Pages – 378
Publisher – penguinindia
A total 5⭐/5⭐

📎”A heart-wrenching love story about a girl who learns to live from a boy who intends to die”

This one line pretty much sums up the story of the book

I read this book with my guards up, because it’s a story about depression (likely to trigger my own),but I don’t know how I got so attached to fictional characters that I cried and I don’t know why this book got through to me.
For one thing, it doesn’t condescend, it doesn’t sound corny, it doesn’t try too hard.

📎Blurb –
Popular girl voilet and school freak flinch meet on a ledge of a school tower, both considering ending their lives,one is saved by the other and in the midst of death they connect,Then they are hurled together into a project that makes them wander through their home state of Indiana, finding brightness in places they never expected to see it

📎For me this was a story of voilet’s growth in love and life,and especially forgiving herself

Flinch is seen suffering so badly from his mental illness that almost no one seems to understand,buy his few moments of peace with voilet

📎What I loved?
The characters,they are definitely going to stay with me,they literally breath out of the book,they feel so real. What happens to them feels real especially flinch’s experiences, his thoughts.
Also I loved the whole Virginia Woolf tribute

📎What I didn’t like?

This would be more of a suggestion,if you are genuinely suffering from depression , have self-harm behaviour or know someone who does,don’t get this book according to me, because “Spoiler alert – the protagonist end up doing a suicide”

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