Faaltugiri and other flashbacks

Book – Faaltugiri and other flashbacks .
📎Pages – 148
Genre – illustrated memoir
Author – Janhavi Samant
Publisher – FunOKPlease
Recommended – definitely
Ratings – 4 ⭐/5

Thank you @faaltugiri for the review copy
Short adorable book
📎Writing –
The author has wonderfully captured the essence of growing up and personal relationships wih her beautiful and simple writing and such cute illustrations by Abhilasha Khatri
📎Blurb –
It’s a story of how the author grew up in a middle class family in the 80s and although I grew up in early 2000s growing up middle class is something that I could relate to,like saving gift papers and going out to play and having difference of opinion with parents .
And some moments I could just imagine like – Not every house had TV,the arrival of first colour TV and video players and also how friendly and we’ll connected neighbours were and how young kids could walk around themselves anywhere (safely)
Also I loved the chemistry the family have with their househelp Nazi and the wonderful ideas little jaanu has of where she came from and how she stayed with them forever .
📎Overall this is a very nice short read

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