Men without women

There’s something strange in the after effect of reading a Haruki Murakami story.

It’s as if time stands still when the last line has run out, the last word read and the last letter comes to a stop with a sombre period.

And then a feeling of utter helplessness washes over as the realisation of nostalgia, fate and tragedy come to the fore together.

He takes his readers through grief, tragedy, happiness and loneliness – all-in-one go – with some jazz. .

The beauty of his work lies in fantastical stories that are embellished in reality and his lonely, nomadic characters that are left searching for the green light in the ruins of themselves.

This is a collection of seven stories by Haruki Murakami. In his own psychedelic style and powers of observation he introduces us to seven men including lovesick doctors, students, ex-boyfriends, actors, bartenders and all of them in their own ways, find themselves alone not just without women but also friends.

And the stories revolve around the themes of : What does it mean to be a man without women, both in the title story and throughout the collection?

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