One precious moment

Author: Ritu Kakar
Page Count: 143
My Rating: 3/5
Would I Recommended: Yeah

Blurb :
📎This is a story you might already seen from game of thrones to Karan Johar flicks

“Girl meets boy,fall in love, married,have a great time,boy dies”

This story line doesn’t appeal to me any more

📎What I liked?

Writing style which is in first person and feels like a memoir and we can understand clearly how Mira is feeling, the depiction of a well connected joint family & how everyone comes together in the times of needs and most importantly, How the protagonist deals with her grief and build her life around(without any love interest) because that’s how life moves and her stages of grief and how she deals with them is treated amazingl

📎What I didn’t like?
English hangover, which doctor calls his patient “sweetheart” in India??😅

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