The gene

“The point is this: if you cannot separate the phenotype of mental illness from creative impulses, then you cannot separate the genotype of mental illness and creative impulse”

A beautiful written history of mental health problems and their solutions from past to present, also many buzz worthy topics are covered like gender and sexual identity, genetic screening to make a few

Mukherjee walks us through many exceptional people who did their work in the field to genetics and also stories of many ‘faux- scientists’

Also we see the ill treatment of people with mental illnesses in the past, that includes one of his own family members from father’s side as well .
Aristotle, Darwin and Mendel to eugenics in Nazi camps to modern embryonic stem cells development,he tried to cover it’s all

All this makes this book abit tedious to some people but it’s so informative and we’ll written and because I love genetics so much

I loved this book

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