The Ramayana Secret

The Ramayana Secret Author – Anurag Chandra
Length – 216
Publisher – Om Books
Recommended – definitely
Rating 4 ⭐/5

📎Ramayana meets sci-fi – This is a good quirky & entertaining reimagining of the epic Ramayana,

Blurb –
There are two types of civilizations dwelling the earth one on the outer layer that is naive and not much in touch with the earth and the other more advanced one indwelling the inner earth ,which is more advanced and have much longer life span 📎The outer layer civilization is not aware of the later but they help to maintain the harmony there also

📎So when Ravana capture the kingdom of Lanka and along with it the powerful ancient scriptures,he is threatening the the harmony and peace of the beings

📎During these hours of need Rama an inner earth warrior is given the task to fix things up

📎What I liked ?
In the sea of current trend of Hindu mythology books this one definitely stood out for me,Entertaining reimagining and the creativity of the book overall is amazing. Also author has tried to give all the characters some justice and tried to show them in a new light which is definitely refreshing

📎What could have been better?
It’s a plot based book but a little more character development would definitely help

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