The Whispering Dwapara: The Rise of Maharathis

Title – The Whispering Dwapara: The Rise of Maharathis
Author – Rishi
Publisher – Notion press
Length – 310 pages
Genre – mythological Fiction

Vedgarh, home of purebred Aryans is a city hidden from modern world somewhere around the Himalayas and, This place has preserved the ancient Vedic knowledge and also the knowledge of celestial powers. .
But a great war is on the verge of happening against the Asuras of patals
And as intensifying Kaliyuga, Asuras’ dark powers are rising with every passing day.
So vedgarh is eagerly waiting for a Maharathi warrior to lead its forces.
As a consequence the kingdom opens its gates for modern Science and weapons for the first time.A grand research project begins to kind get best out of both modern and Vedic world.
But as they say harmony is not easy,so we see a lot of internal conflicts and politics

But the question remains “Will Asuras win and destroy the universe’s last hope of defeating the Kaliyuga forever?”

📎What I liked?
Ofcourse there are plenty of characters but still the author manages to them them enough space to breathe,also the writing style is engaging & smooth,also the backdrop of Indian mythology is used wonderfully with so many mantras and sanskrit words

📎Recommended?to whom?
Yes definitely, especially if you liked Cerci last summer

My rating 4⭐/5

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