Where will man take us?

Most informative and compact piece of nonfiction I have read in 2019

📎This book is so informative and so well planned. It is divided into five sections,chapters, subheadings & enriched with quotes and good language,It makes all the information more understandable

📎This book covers a myriad of topics including nanotechnology, mathematics, Artificial intelligence,computing, and genetics. Their evolution with time and their possible impacts on us and society in the coming future.

📎TBH,I had very little idea about these topics, so it took me a while to read and get these things and understand where we stand today technology wise

📎Also as the title suggests it create a question about the future of technology and where it will take us ?

📎I can just imagine the amount of effort that must have got into the book because it shines throughout the book,
and kudos the author and his team for such an amazing informative book.

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A twenty something girl who loves to read and talk about books & Stories and ideas

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