Who Stole My Job

Author: Sunil Mishra
Page count:180 pages
Publisher: Srishti Publishers
My rating : 3.5/5⭐

Blurb :

📎The book revolves around the rapidly blooming IT industry, focusing on Creative Tech, which was once one of the most successful IT companies in India but now is going downspirals

📎Marshal Scott, an american CEO, is hired and he takes over on the high road but soon is taken over by alot of issues.Including the employees dissatisfaction with his ‘my way or the highway attitude’, frequent policy changes and cultural conflicts

📎Meanwhile there is Satvik, a manager gets caught up in all this turmoil,watches his colleagues leaving the company one by one and ultimately he does too and try to find a more better path for himself

📎Main theme
“Can Creative Tech reclaim its glorious past? ”

📎What I liked
The book was a quick read with simple language and its contents revolves around the present times of IT industry and the struggles which come with it,for someone who has no idea of it,for me this book was informative. The plot is realistic and would definitely appeal to the people from this profession

📎What didn’t work for me?
The plot felt a little one dimensional for me,but otherwise it’s a simple book, nothing much to complaint to be honest

Thank you to @writersclub.india for the review copy,all opinions are my own

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