Planning to get your copy of The Testaments? Got you

With this book we enter in Gilead,Picking up 15 years after The Handmaid’s Tale left off,

Ofcourse after 34 years, it’s bound to feel different, also Atwood decided not to revisit the red cloaks & the houses and streets but also the political hierarchy system.

It’s not a ‘handmaid’s tale’ instead she focuses on women who are serving Gilead’s interests in differentiating ways. Though the Handmaids are never far from the minds and stories of the three narrators in The Testaments,

The Testaments brings together three narrators — Agnes, Daisy, and Aunt Lydia — to tell the continuing stories of Gilead.

My favourite was of Aunt Lydia,the cruel woman who have “near-godlike status” & oversaw Handmaids’ training at the Red Center, serves as one of The Testaments’ narrators, & boy oh boy does she have a story for you.

Without giving any spoilers I can tell you Offred’s presence is short and strong.

The book is mainly written to tell us about the downfall of Gilead ( I read it in the acknowledgement page, in the end)

I definitely loved the book, I’ll do a review soon, but I’ll just say if you are planning to get this book, get it only if you have read & loved the first one. .

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