The big book box October’s box Haul / Unboxing

Hey guys so I know the subscription boxes are all the rage nowadays but I’m a cheap person, also I’m scared of affluenza. I work really hard for my money like everyone but I don’t wanna spend it but I can spend it on books and plants and food may be! So I’m late to the book box party but now I’m here so let’s get started.

I ordered this October box from @tbb_box garage sale that happened recently and let’s see what and how was the stuff in the box

The best picture I could click with all the stuff

Don’t wanna read the whole thing? Just watch this Little video.

Video of the Haul

So I ordered the expresso box, which is the mid-range box from the four choices the brand offers, the contents according to the website ( ) page are –

  • BoTM (Book of the Month) Paperback
  • Hardcover Book 1
  • Bookmark and Printable stuff.
  • 4-7 exclusive bookish merchandises.

So for this box of mine, the BoTM was Serpent & Dove by Shelby Mahaurin, which is a very talked about fantasy novel of 2019, the book came in pretty good shape, The book also comes with a beautiful author letter

Hardcover was Jay Kristoff’s ,it’s the third book in the Never night chronicles series and lived by many, I have not read the series but I might start it now ( after buying the first 2 books. This book also comes with an author letter that I would cherish always.

Coming to the goodies

  • Enamel pins – it had very nice quality enamel pins, these were my favourite item from the Box
  • Pop socket – I started using this pop socket and it’s very cute
  • Scarf – This has an amazing fabric but the print kind of puts me off,but useful for the winters
  • Bookend – This is again a very pretty and useful item, it’s Alice in Wonderland themed, it’s one side of the book end though,the other part is in the November box ( I have also ordered that one)
  • Bookmarks – The box has bookmarks based of the books and theme of the box, it had a pair of magnetic and one usual bookmarks,I loved the the usual one more, it’s based on the Serpent & Dove, and gold lettering on it looks amazing.
  • Character Cards – A pair of character Cards,also based on two main characters of BoTM
  • A small notepad from paperquirks
  • Pride and Prejudice themed poster – This was slightly torn, I don’t know if I received a damaged piece or it got damaged in shipping but I still loved it, because it’s pride and prejudice and I love the book.
The scarf based on marauders map
The book end

My over-all experience ? I liked it, I’m not a total die hard fan,and also I’m a cheap person, who spends very carefully, so I’ll be honest with you it was worth the price.

You could say that I might find the books for some lower price on a Flipkart sale ? Maybe ! I’m not betting you on that. But I loved the whole concept of the box, I would never buy these goodies seperately, I don’t know where to find them, when I get them they are too expensive, so the over-all package you get is surely worth the price. Things are of good quality, useful things, because I have pretty stuff that’s not useful, I’m a minimalist and I don’t like hoarding useless stuff.

Also I have ordered the mocha edition of the November box,which is shipped,so it might reach me soon, and it’s the most expensive option on the shop, so stay tuned for that, I would do a post on it too.

Have you been subscribed to any Book Boxes? Do share your thoughts and experiences with me in the comments.

Sending you lots of love – Geet

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