Diy scented oil candle

Hey guys so recently I posted a Instagram story of a home-made oil candle and I got a ton of messages asking me where do I got it?

I moved the candle away immediately, don’t worry

The answer is I made it myself from just the things lying around my house and it smells amazing and burn for quite sometime. So if you wanna know how to make this, keep reading!

Things we’ll need

Things we need
  • A glass jar (I have recycled an used Keventer’s icecream mason jar)
  • Half pint of oil ( the key is to use a scent free oil )
  • Some flowers / fruits (I used orange peels, you can use whichever fruit or leaves you want)
  • A wick

How to?

  • Lay old newspaper or old cloth to avoid the mess
  • First fix the wick on the base of mason jar
  • Fill the jar with fruits / leaves / flowers of your choice
  • Pour the oil carefully
  • Close the lid and leave the jar for a few hours or overnight
  • Ta-da now burn your beautiful candle

Some points

  • You can use any flowers and fruits you want, even fake ones, just weigh them down with pebbles to keep them away from flames and please do follow basic fire safety and common-sense
  • You can use spices and essential oils too, cinnamon sticks and vanilla essence makes great combo, just mix and match and have fun with the concept
  • I have use sunflower seed oil in mine and didn’t notice any smoke, except when extinguishing
  • After a while the wick would burn away, then you can replace it with another pre-waxed wick.
  • To put down the candle just put on the lid, the floating wick can stay there

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