How to read more & fast?

This post might not be for all my bookstagrammers here, but out of this world the question I get asked the most is ‘how do you read a 100 books a year with a somewhat of an active social life(not in 2020 tho) , work & family life OR “how did you finish that book so fast?”

The answer to the later question is I don’t know exactly but as you start to read more and more,your brain start to process information faster ( did I tell you I’m a doctor with a keen interest in neurosciences ) so read more to read faster.

To answer to former question, let me give ou a few tips

1. Start easy

If you are trying to build a reading habit, chances are you might not enjoy ‘thou old timey classics’ right away. So start with something you resonate with or something lighthearted.

2. It’s okay to DNF

If you are stuck with a book for a while, and you feel like you can’t read it, not liking it, just ditch it. There are many many books out there waiting for you. As easy it may sound it was a life changing advice for me when I heard it from Ali Abdaal on his YouTube channel. Because I have a compulsive habit of trying to finish a book even if I don’t like it but not anymore

3. Read whatever interests you

Many of us have a habit of being influenced by all the celebrity book clubs and trending new books every week l,also we have classics and prize winning books that everyone tells us to read but the things is, your time is limited so read whatever makes you happy.

4. Audiobooks/Kindle/eBooks

They are wonderful, I love listening to a chapter before I sleep or reading on my e-reader while waiting for my coffe in canteen and so on. These new reading innovations are amazing for filling in the voids during our days. You would be surprised to know how much reading you’d be able to do instead of useless phone scrolling.

5. Have a dedicated reading hour

This really helps me, having an hour just by myself to sip a cup of tea and flip through the pages of my book (sounds like a lovely hour?) You can try it too, when you make an hour especially for reading and you make it attractive by adtting something you like (coffe and lone time is something I like) you can have tea in your balcony or something like that !

6. Try something social

Goodreads, book blogs, etc are amazing to look for a community of readers, as you see more people reading the kind of books you like you’ll be motivated too.

And with all that don’t be hard on yourself, if you enjoy reading comics, read comics if you feel overwhelmed may be skip reading and do something else, just in whatever you do, be happy and be kind.

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