Anxious people

Does it ever happen to you that, you feel low for days and then some small positive thing happen like someone compliments you or you get a sweet email or message from an old friend or even a gift and you feel like may be life isnt all that bad. The world somehow seems more bearable.

For me this book was that small positive thing that I needed to make my day. It’s funny, it’s the sort of darkish comedy that I seem to have started loving with time.

This book was on my most anticipated fictions list of the year and to me it totally lived upto the expectations. If you have read Fredrick Backman you might know that, this guy is capable of making mush out of people’s heart and he did it again.

The story is of a bank robber who seems like an anxious idiot who tries to rob a cashless bank then runs away from there and crash an apartment viewing and unwillingly takes everyone present there as hostages and I’m saying unwillingly because the hostage idea was first brought up by one of the hostess and not the ‘bank robber’. Also the apartment is across a bride where a man ended his life almost a decade ago( yes it has importance in the story)

Coming to the hostages, they are as we say in hindi “sare alag rang ke” means everyone is a total different colour and then there are the police officers Jack and Jim, the father and the son duo trying to sovle the crime.

The story runs back and forth in between hostage interviews with police and the scenes that happened in the apartment, slowly revealing the interwined lives of all.

The story line does dwindle in to things that I didn’t understand like banking, capitalism but the wit kept me hooked. Speaking of writing style, it’s my favourite, it’s felt like peeling layers of onion, finding something new everytime at every layer. I’m not taking much about the characters because I’m trying not to spoil this wonderful book and would like you to meet them for yourselves.


This is a poignant comedy about a crime that never took place, a would-be bank robber who disappears into thin air, and eight extremely anxious strangers who find they have more in common than they ever imagined.

Viewing an apartment normally doesn’t turn into a life-or-death situation, but this particular open house becomes just that when a failed bank robber bursts in and takes everyone in the apartment hostage. As the pressure mounts, the eight strangers slowly begin opening up to one another and reveal long-hidden truths.

As police surround the premises and television channels broadcast the hostage situation live, the tension mounts and even deeper secrets are slowly revealed. Before long, the robber must decide which is the more terrifying prospect: going out to face the police, or staying in the apartment with this group of impossible people.

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