Dear World

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Eight-year-old Alabed’s first-hand account of the war in Syria, which began when she was three and led to her creating the now-famous Twitter account that brought her story to the world.
This memoir is written with the help of her mother, Fatemah, provides striking detail and a plea for the world’s help.
Alabed describes how her family lived a peaceful life in Aleppo and how it was shattered when her father was taken by the secret police, how the first bomb blast sounded to her and how quickly she had to learn to run on the rumblings first the plane,how she prays every night for the war to stop
The writer also recalls being worried about losing her Barbie boots, and the guilt she felt over that worry. Alabed moves easily between normal moments, such as watching cartoons with her brother and sharing a tomato with her family during the siege, and shocking ones, such as hearing her first bomb explosion and coming to recognize the sound of different munitions,worries about her mothers delivery of Alabeds younger brother,bombing of her school and death of her friend Yasmin.

Fatemah’s voice is also present in the form of a few chapters in between book, her worry about the future for her country and her daughter and how her being pregnant made it all more difficult.

Alabed’s book is remarkable for the clarity of her voice at such young age about such harrowing experiences.The story she shares can sometimes be hard to read but it gives a valuable perspective on wars and how it impacts children,The book ends with culmination of the family’s 2016 escape to Turkey.

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