I’m not a fan of character driven books but this book just made me go all aww over it

This book is just beautiful

This is such a sweet and powerful story of a boy called August. He isn’t any different from any of us – his heart, his soul. But his face – yes, that is different.

A ten year old boy auggie,who has severe facial deformation due to a genetic disorder and has undergone years of treatment and many surgeries and is starting proper school for the first time and as we all know it kids can be very mean sometimes.

But he is so strong – coping with operations and bullies and everything with so much love it’s moving.

Also we also see auggie’s story from other people’s eyes and dive deep into his life and the life of people around him – how they have changed and developed through knowing him.

My favourite eyes were of his sister Via,who is a teenager and going through all the teenage stuff herself.its all just so beautiful

I loved this book so much that I wrote one more blog on it

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