This book was gifted to me by my boss and I was immediately so attracted to the beautiful book cover and as I read it , I realised Madeline miller has beautifully moulded Greek mythology and literary fantasy.

You need to have some walking knowledge of Greek mythology but even if you are not a fan of mythology you’ll enjoy this book,

This book has all the characteristics of an interesting book – complex heroines,adventure, bloodshed, betrayal, magic, and monsters.

We follow cerci from being a lesser naive nymph, who has been bullied, belittled and trod her entire life slowly converting to a vindictive powerful woman .

While reading the book I researched more about cerci and Greek mythology and developed sort of attachment to the character ,few parts are different from the mythology and are fantasised but it’s all good, though like the original story her successes are bittersweet though,due to the pain she endures along the way.

In the end, Circe might be full of greek mythology & fantasy but ultimately it is the story of one woman’s life – through pressure of expectations,pain, love, desire, heartache and motherhood.

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