Nine by @swetasamota
“This dairy has taken my Dad. This dairy also took Manu Mukundi Lal”
To start with I’m very fond of historical elements in stories,so this book caught my attention from the cover and introducing lines.
Blurb – The protagonist Ila is a young girl studying in Pune,A ‘Number wiz’ girl, who see the whole world as a puzzle and she is so damn good at this that she got in national news. Although she seems to get the skill from her father, still her father is not very happy about this and advices her against solving things for other people but fate plays her in doing exactly the thing and the consequences changes her life course greatly.
Characters- In Pune ,Kyra is her roommate,who is constantly seem sketchy and Aryan is the co-student/love interest,but later is revealed as a undercover agent trying to guard Ila and as the story moves ahead the characters and readers are left with conflicting mindsets and Ila is not sure whom to trust and whom to not,
The story has an ubiquent plot presence of RSS, that I really liked,also the bits & flashes of Manu Mukundi Lal are very interesting, the story also has a cameo from Modi ji.
What I loved and not?
The best part is the idea of the book and authors efforts in the research really shine throughout the book but I hope the author could have implemented it even better with more character development and avoidance of unnecessary storylines like the love story
This book is a 3.5⭐/5 for me

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