Boy Erased

An exceptional true story about a 19 year old gay boy who gets unexpectedly outted to his religious parents and is forced to go to ex gay conversion therapy,that promises to ‘cure’ him of his homosexuality and shockingly this took around 2004, this book was sad, the parts in the conversation therapy got me into tears,

As a book it had emotion,which came through pages ,the start and ending was more stronger the the middle its-bits

Erased for me was a lesson on love and coming of age story, that how, against all odds, Garrard discovered the love we have for ourselves, and how we can continue loving the very ones who made us doubt our worth.

After reading this I could just imagine what happens in India, although society has become slightly more acceptable to people ,like in my city Raipur we have a wonderful organisation @lgbtqchattisgarh
Where you can meet people,share your experiences,and stay also

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