Deadly Shadows

Publisher – Bloomsbury India
Genre – Action-Thriller in Fiction
Author – Rajinder Prabhakar
Pages – 308

The cover of the book


When a series of deadly attacks carried out by a mysterious weapon strike remote parts of India, it takes the country to the edge of panic and chaos. To make matters worse, the government and its intelligence agencies fear that these attacks are building to something truly catastrophic – a final strike that would bring India to its knees and spell the end of its sovereignty.

As the clock runs down, Adit Ohri, an elite operative of the 53 SAG, a strike force buried deep inside the nation’s military infrastructure, is assigned to chase down a lead from his past and find those behind the attacks. But even as the needle of suspicion points towards India’s traditional enemies, the mission leads Adit on a trail of smoke screens and deceit, until he finds the final shocking truth.

My views

I could genuinely see this story as a ‘Uri’ styled Bollywood movie. The plot is filled with adventures, twist and turns. Good looking and righteous leads and Army setting. If you have loved ‘Calling Sehmat’ , this book might be right into your alley.

(Minor spoilers may be ahead from this point )

Adit Ohri is a yound army officer, who lost his father in the Kargil war, and is a divorcé. An army officer with exceptional track record in the NDA and army and now works for RAW.

Second major character is Alia, a smart IIT, MIT pass out helping with technical support on the mission.
I loved the character of Alia,may be even more than that of Adit’s. She shows a wonderful character arc, literally an arc from hot to weak to bad and it was nice to see a female villian,for a change.

The story setting is a series of deadly attacks fall upon remote sites of the country,and they completely wipe out the population,like nobody and nothing was ever there and the government in unable to know how and what happened. So they plan to show this situation as ‘relocation/migration’ to avoid the chaos the situation may cause & meanwhile form a team with the mission to figure out what has happened and how to stop it.

As the story moves forward the characters and readers both realise that this is not just a minor attack and it could lead to a serious catastrophe. Was this an inside job? Or some outside terrorist organisation?

I must say that the story kept me hooked and guessing till the end, and it’s a very interested plot but the problem is the book was a little ‘hat on hat’, when you add many bright things together, none of them get the chance to shine property, this was the case here

If you could read the ( lines in bracket) you’d know what I mean

Because the plot is so interesting and powerful, additional glamourous details like the car models and how hot a woman was looking don’t do anything other than watering down the strong story line. But I think many people would appreciate such details that’s why we keep on seeing them in works of so many authors.

Overall I enjoyed the book

Also I would like to thank Bloomsbury India for providing me with the of this book.

You can buy it at – Deadly Shadows

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