To wind this year up i have chosen my favourite topic to talk about : Harry Potter, I’m a potter head since i was a child and saw my first potter movie in 2001-2002 I guess ,and I was blown away ,I couldn’t contain my excitement.  Later I started reading the books when i was told by some older friend that they are even better than the movies, and I started reading the books.

Our English literature teacher in school use to say that J.K. Rowling has done a wonderful thing she has made all the children “readers”, which I totally agree .Books can be such a wonderful thing I realised after harry potter and there was no going back from there.

Since then I discovered many great books but potter remained my first love and I come back to it again and again. But now I realise that it had much more than just a kid with magical powers.

As a child it gave me an escape and a sense of belonging but now as a pseudo-adult I realise it taught me many important things like

  1. How important it is to be a good person and think about others
  2. To study hard it pays you in ways you can never imagine
  3. That girls are no less
  4. To be there for your friends and family
  5. To  love and to loose

Look at me rambling on internet on a book blog about a children’s book but if I haven’t read harry potter that day, I may have not been such a book nerd today and I think I owe a lot of bad nights gone good after a few pages or a few scenes. So to wrap this year up I just want to give a little dedication to my first love ���,

POONACHI – Raw and not romanticized.

Book cover

I feel this book is like the indigenous art piece which you won’t find in a mall showcase, the book is packed with raw emotions but are showcased in form of animals rather than humans, also none of the humans have name but all animals have.

This storymade me happy and sad at the same time. Being an animal lover, loved the relation which the old lady and poonachi shares and how the presence of a babypet changes the relation between the old woman and her husband.

The story gives a strong background of when in 2016 Tamil Nadu recorded its lowest annual rainfall in 140 years and how it affected the day today life of already struggling farmers.

Along with that the book touches on many topics, also I loved the fact that none of the characters are all black and white and boring, the characters show a spectrum of emotions & raw emotions (both humans and animal) in their true nature and how easily the emotions changes, the power of motherhoodand true love & lust.

Just a black baby goat to make you smile

Poonachi, a black (doe) goat who comes as a fragile baby into the lives of an elderly human couple like a ‘tale’ when one day a stranger ‘Bakasura’ gives poonachi to the old man and the story follows the course of poonachi’s life. The unnamed old couple look after the motherless doe like their own progeny, and form a deep bond with her.

The storyline follows Poonachi’s growth into maturity, affectionately dwelling on her small helplessness and later unabashedly depicting her sexual awakening.

Being a doe she remained safe from cruel fate of neutering/ slaughtering/ sacrificing that is the lot of the bucks, but makes her vulnerable to the attendant tribulations of pregnancy and motherhood, and milk production.

It is the exhausting to see her nurturing her numerous protege only to be later painful separated from them.

Her status as a miraculously fertile, high milk-yielding, seven-kid birthing mother further victimises her.

Book cover

But in the midst of all he misery she finds her short-lived joy in Poovan, the gentle and loving buck she encounters twice briefly on ‘pilgrimages’ to the old couple’s daughter’s home. Who is later sacrificed at the temple.

This novel is definitely a slim but heavy on heart kind of book, the author has explained why he chose a goat as his protagonist in his preface to this book. He says he is fearful of writing about humans and gods, therefore he has chosen to write about animals instead.

He proceeds to explain, “There are only five species of animals with which I am deeply familiar. Of them, dogs and cats are meant for poetry. It is forbidden to write about cows or pigs. That leaves only goats and sheep. Goats are problem-free, harmless, and, above all, energetic. A story needs narrative pace. Therefore, I’ve chosen to write about goats.”

To wind it up I would say our heroine may be a goat but she is a heroine.


I know the urban Indian audience is not a fan of Ram and Ramayana & Sita is seen as a victim of gender oppression who loves a man and gets rejected and tested by him on the word of a peasant but this book will changed at least my view point.

It shows Sita in some other light e.g. a quote from the book is “He is God, he can abandon no one and I am Goddess, I cannot be abandoned by anyone” .

Here sita is not dependent on anyone for her living, she can manage own her own raise her kids and is not your average damsel in distress, it shows her intelligence, capabilities and protest in silence.

And I found many answers to the questions I had in my mind since I heard the stories from my elders and saw many versions of this saga on television as a child.

And like other Pattnaik’s books we also find reasons behind many Indian rituals through the short stories in between. They are like connecting dots to this huge constellation & re-telling and narratives of the Ramayana from different regions across India and outside India are at the end of each chapter which gives it extra brownie points, Plus the art is also very good and is by the man himself.

I think it is a very good book if you are in to Indian mythology and to read with your puja-path vali mommies and grannies, I actually read it with my mother and sissy .

 If you read the whole post here is a cookie for you 🍪🤗

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